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UK Release
August 2014
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North America Release
August 2014
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Beguiled By Her Betrayer

Lord Quintus Deverall is a diplomat. Not an adventurer, not a spy and definitely not an assassin. But the government seems set on making him all three when they send him on a mission into war-torn Egypt. He must extract a stubborn English scholar, who may be a traitor. If he is, their lordships don’t want him back, just…disposed of. But he has a daughter and Quin is not prepared for the violence of his attraction to an unconventional, independent and downright dangerous young woman. All Cleo wants is her freedom. All Quin wants is to put this mission behind him and get back to London and his hunt for an eligible bride, even if it means betraying Cleo’s faith in him in the process. Somehow they have to rebuild a shattered trust if they are to follow their hearts.

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“Allen has written another spellbinding and adventurous Regency romance. From England to Egypt and back again, readers will enjoy the characters, the plot twists and the battle of wills!”
RT Book Reviews

“Louise Allen makes excellent use of both an unusual setting and some interesting historical detail as the backdrop to this enjoyable romance between an English spy and the widow of a French army officer… a compelling read which features a strongly characterised pair of protagonists whose imperfections make them feel all the more human. Quin and Cleo have great chemistry and their romance develops naturally and at a sensible pace. The historical detail is fascinating and well deployed and I enjoyed the book very much indeed.”
All About Romance

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