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I’m an avid collector of all things Regency, whether it is fashion prints, books or places and I’d like to share with you some of the fascinating, beautiful, unusual and downright weird facts, places and objects that I come across. Watch this space for updates.

An 18th century village church

I thought I’d share some pictures of a delicious little church I found this summer that seems to take you right back to the 18th century. It is actually in Norway in a little village called Olden but the simple interior catches the atmosphere of village worship in the 18th century so perfectly that I took lots of photos and here are just a few.

The church dates from 1759, replacing a much older wooden church and in its turn was replaced in 1934, which probably explains why it is so beautifully preserved.

The view down the length of the church from the altar rails shows the box pews and the portraits of the patrons of the church, hanging facing the altar. The box pews that are visible on the right are the ones for women – as in some parish churches in England at the time the sexes were separated. The men’s pews can be identified by the lovely hat stands made out of whittled and polished branches and fixed to the side of each of the left-hand pews. They can be seen in the third photo which also shows the pulpit. On the side of the archway into the chancel is the poor box.




Is there a Regency London location you would like me to track down? Email me and I’ll try and find and photograph it.

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