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Time Into Time

An on-going series of timeslip romantic mysteries. Cassandra Lawrence, twenty-first century independent woman, freelance translator and part-time Special Constable finds herself in the year 1807, in the arms of the entirely gorgeous Lucian, Earl of Radcliffe and up to her neck in Georgian crime and mystery. The books can stand alone, but are in chronological order below.

  1. An Earl Out of Time
  2. A Kiss Across Time

Dangerous Deceptions

An ongoing series of loosely linked books where Regency romance meets mystery and danger.

  1. Loving the Lost Duke
  2. The Swordmaster’s Mistress
  3. The Viscount's Dangerous Liaison

The Lords of Disgrace

The four young men were known as the Lords of Disgrace from their wild university days. They are adults now – but still the closest of friends despite their very different personalities. The novels stand alone, but follow a roughly chronological order.

  1. His Housekeeper's Christmas Wish
  2. His Christmas Countess
  3. The Many Sins of Cris de Feaux
  4. The Unexpected Marriage of Gabriel Stone

The Herriard Family Chronicles

Three linked but stand-alone novels. Anusha Laurens and Nicholas Herriard meet and fall in love in India in 1788. The first book tells their story, the other two belong to their son and daughter.

  1. The Forbidden Jewel of India
  2. Tarnished Amongst the Ton
  3. Surrender To the Marquess

Danger and Desire

Three novels linked by the wreck of an East India Company ship on the Isles of Scilly. They may be read in any order, but Ravished By the Rake sets the scene.

  1. Ravished By the Rake
  2. Seduced By the Scoundrel
  3. Married to a Stranger

The Transformation of the Shelley Sisters

The three Shelley sisters were brought up in the oppressive world of a country vicarage by their tyrannical father. All three escape, risking danger and disgrace to find love. The books are stand-alone but are in chronological order below.

  1. Practical Widow To Passionate Mistress
  2. Auctioned Virgin to Seduced Bride (novella)
  3. Vicar’s Daughter To Viscount’s Lady
  4. Innocent Courtesan To Adventurer’s Bride

Regency Silk & Scandal

Eight books by six authors, including two by me. They can be read as stand-alone novels, but as they contain a mystery running through them all it is best to begin with The Lord and the Wayward Lady and end with Taken By the Wicked Rake. In chronological order they are:

  1. The Lord and the Wayward Lady – Louise Allen
  2. Paying the Virgin’s Price – Christine Merrill
  3. The Smuggler and the Society Bride – Julia Justiss
  4. Claiming the Forbidden Bride – Gayle Wilson
  5. The Viscount and the Virgin – Annie Burrows
  6. Unlacing the Innocent Miss – Margaret McPhee
  7. The Officer and the Proper Lady – Louise Allen
  8. Taken By the Wicked Rake – Christine Merrill

Those Scandalous Ravenhursts

Those Scandalous Ravenhursts follow the life and loves of brothers, sisters and cousins in the Ravenhurst clan. They can be read in any order or as stand-alone novels, but references within them mean that preferably they are read in the order below, starting with The Dangerous Mr Ryder.  Disrobed and Dishonoured is a short and sexy novella, part of Harlequin Mills & Boon’s Undone series.

  1. The Dangerous Mr Ryder
  2. The Outrageous Lady Felsham
  3. The Shocking Lord Standon
  4. The Disgraceful Mr Ravenhurst
  5. The Notorious Mr Hurst
  6. The Piratical Miss Ravenhurst
  7. Disrobed & Dishonoured (novella)

Randall's Rogues

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo on June 18th 2015 I joined forces with two of my favourite historical romance authors, Sarah Mallory and Annie Burrows, to produce a trilogy, linked by our heroes.

Colonel Randall and Majors Flint and Bartlett command a unit of artillery, so notorious for their independent action that they are known as Randall's Rogues.

The three novels can be read alone or in any order as they do overlap in time, but they are given here in approximately chronological order.

  1. A Lady For Lord Randall – Sarah Mallory
  2. A Mistress For Major Bartlett – Annie Burrows
  3. A Rose For Major Flint – Louise Allen