A Love For the Moment

Book Three in the Time Into Time series.

Cassie Lawrence might be getting used to being pitchforked back to 1807 – and into the arms of Lucian Franklin, Earl of Radcliffe – but familiarity doesn’t make it any easier to be in a relationship across centuries. This is love – but surely it can only be for the moment?

But while Cassie and Luc try to live in their fleeting present they also have to deal with another mystery –  one very close to home. Garrick, Luc’s enigmatic henchman, has never known who his father was and his mother vanished when he was days old. Now the man whose name he carries has been found murdered and all the old, unspoken suspicions about who Garrick really is have begun to surface.

Could Garrick be even closer to Luc than just a loyal friend? And who is the killer?

While James Franklin’s risky lovelife seems to be improving and Garrick’s comes as a shock to Luc, someone lethally good with a cut-throat razor is on the loose – this can’t be the end of the danger.


Long-distance relationships are never easy, even these days with Skype and messaging and emails and phone sex and whatever flavour of social media takes your fancy. Or you can send an old fashioned love letter if you’re a real romantic. But don’t complain – I can tell you, it is a whole lot more difficult if the object of your affections isn’t two hundred miles away, but more than two hundred and forty years distant. To say that I’m involved with the third Earl of Radcliffe, Lucian Franklin, is no more than the truth – I even have proof of it in the shape of three very youthful solicitors, although they don’t realise it. How it works, I have no idea, but I’ve found myself back into the year 1807 twice now. There’s a miniature of Luc that I bought in an antique shop involved and, at the other end, a mirror in the refreshment room at Almack’s and it has happened when Luc, or those he cares for, are at risk. Otherwise I’m as baffled as anyone why a technical translator and part-time, and very green, Special Constable finds herself falling painfully through time. I can only hope it keeps happening….