April 2021 News

Beach Hut Surprise

Spring is here and with it the re-release of Beach Hut Surprise, the collection of six novellas by Sophie Weston, Sarah Mallory, Lesley Cookman, Joanna Maitland, Liz Fielding and myself.

Perfect for a beach read or just for dreaming about the beach!


February 2021 News

Book Four in the Liberated Ladies series is out now. You can read an extract from The Earl’s Reluctant Proposal here. Once an accomplish pianist, Lucy Lambert can no longer play and has resigned herself to the life of a music teacher. She has convinced herself that she can be content – until Max Fenton, the Earl of Burnham demands her assistance in rescuing his wayward sister from the consequences of her impulsive actions.

It should have been simple and the last thing it should have ended in was a scandal and Lucy’s stubborn refusal to be rescued from it by Max’s reluctant gallantry!

January 2021 News

Cover for The Hazardous Measure of Love

The final book in the five-part Time Into Time series is finally finished! The Hazardous Measure of Love is published on 11 January 2021.

This isn’t the end of the mysterious happenings in the market town of Welhampstead, but that will have to wait for a new series. In the meantime I have just begun a new book for Harlequin Mills & Boon. All I can tell you at the moment is that the hero is chilly, the heroine is no shrinking maiden and the situation is decidedly perilous.

November 2020 News

A Marquis In Want of a Wife by Louise Allen

A Marquis In Want of a Wife, number three in my five-book Liberated Ladies series is out at the end of November as an ebook and in paperback on December 1st.

Number four, The Earl’s Reluctant Proposal, is also available for pre-order for February next year and I have just sent the final book, Melissa’s story, to my editor – so fingers crossed, that will be out next year too.

What’s next? That will be book five in my time travel adventures of Cassie Lawrence with her lover from 1807, Luc Franklin, Earl of Radcliffe – I’m planning for a January publication date for that. You can find all the books together for both series here.