Regency Slang Revealed

Mix with  Regency sportsmen, gamblers and explore the underworld of crime.

Late Georgian and Regency dictionaries of slang and cant have long been a source of fascination (sometimes appalled fascination!) for historians, historical novelists and readers alike. But all of them – from the iconic Grose’s Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue to Pierce Egan and John Bee’s versions – have been arranged only in alphabetical order of the word or phrase. There has been no way to search for the word for a specific thing or to browse all the terms relating to a subject. This volume allows both with a thematic section and a full index. Armed with Regency Slang Revealed the reader can discover over forty terms for having sex, numerous phrases for the parts of the body and its appearance and gain a fascinating – and alarming – insight into the Regency underworld.




Hopper-arsed (with projecting backside)


Bushel bubby, A (full breasted woman)

Chicken breasted (woman with small breasts)

Van-neck, Miss or Mrs (woman with large breasts)


Beetle-browed (with thick projecting eyebrows)

Cutty eye, To look (to look out of the corner of the eye)

Ferret-eyed (red eyed)

Goggle eyes (large prominent eyes)

Gooseberry-eyed (with grey eyes; dull grey eyes)

Gravy-eyed (blear-eyed)

Hoodwinked (blindfolded)

Irish beauty, An (woman with two black eyes)

Rum ogles (fine eyes)

Stinker, A (black eye)

Suit of mourning, A (two black eyes)

Winkers (sparkling eyes)



Rosy gills, A (someone with a sanguine or fresh-coloured face)

Smock-faced (fair faced)


Black mummer, A (unshaven man)




Bacon-faced (to have a full face)

Chitty-faced (baby-faced)

Chuffy (round faced, chubby)

Platter-faced (broad-faced)


Friday-faced (looking dismal)


Cribbage-faced (marked with small pox)

Frosty-faced (pitted with smallpox)

Hobnails in his boots, The devil ran over his face with (someone with bad pockmarks)

Stub faced (pockmarked)


Brandy-faced (red-faced from drink)

Carbuncle face, A (red, pimpled face)

Corney-faced (very red, pimpled face)

Pump water, He was christened in (he has a red face)

Rich face (red, pimpled face)

Fieri facias, To be served with a writ of (to be red-faced)


Hatchet face (long, thin face)

Lanthorn/Lenten/Lockeram-jawed (thin-visaged, looking emaciated)

Weasel faced (thin, meagre-faced)


Blubber cheeks (droopy, flaccid cheeks)

Bracket-faced (ugly, hard featured)

Muffin-faced (large protruding facial muscles & pale complexion)