The Bride’s Seduction

A marriage of convenience – to the man she loves.

Condemned to life as the old maid of the family, Marina agrees to a marriage of convenience to Justin Ransome whom she trusts and secretly loves. But the Earl of Mortenhoe has a past full of dark secrets and a motive for marrying her that comes close to breaking her heart. Can the new countess learn to trust her husband again – and dare she succumb to his efforts to seduce her when the lovely Lady Andover still haunts him?



Well may they stare and wonder, she thought as they emerged on to the steps of St George’s overlooking Hanover Square. They probably find it as hard to believe as I do that Justin Ransome should marry Charlie Winslow’s sister, a woman who has bee on the shelf these four years past.

And what possessed me to agree? she wondered as she had done almost every waking hour since Justin’s proposal, the panic rising in her breast again. Whatever made me think I could make a success of a marriage to a man I have known only eleven weeks and who makes no pretense of the fact he does not love me?

… It was too late to wonder now, she realised as Justin helped her into the waiting carriage. Far too late.