Virgin Slave, Barbarian King

Roman lady, Visigoth warrior – is their love doomed?

It is AD 410 and the Barbarian Visigoths are sacking Rome.  Senator’s daughter Julia is saved by the powerful Visigoth leader Wulfric – and then finds herself his slave as the Barbarian horde trek south to a new life in Africa.  How can the growing love between such different people ever find fruition in the middle of chaos and clashing cultures?



The sound was terror made real. It was heard through the ears, and felt through the bones. It was the sound that her ancestors had heard thousands of years before as they huddled in the dubious safety of a shallow cave with only the protection of the fire between them and the things that prowled in the dark. The things that growled.

Julia stopped struggling against the rough hands that held her. The three of them, assailants and victim, turned as one, eyes squinting against the smoke that billowed from the burning shop. A pillar fell and smashed across the roadway, sparks showering. In the distance, from the direction of the Forum, screams could be heard. Here, now, after that low threatening rumble, there was only the sound of fire eating wood.

Julia sagged in the grip of the two men. In her terror had she imagined it? But the men had heard it too. It had cut through her frantic cries, through their threats and curses and coarse laughter. In a world gone mad, when Barbarians sacked the greatest city on earth and respectable tradesmen tried to rape the daughter of a senator, it was no stretch of credulity to believe a wolf was stalking the street.