August 2019 News

I am just back from a fabulous trip to Eastern Canada where I found a whole host of Georgian history to intrigue me. I even slept in a house in Annapolis Royal where the Duke of Kent, Queen Victoria’s father, attended a reception and ball. Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathern, was the fourth son of George III. He was serving in the army in Gibraltar, but requested a transfer to Canada in 1791 where, with his mistress Julie St Laurent, he soon became a fixture on the social scene. In 1799 he was appointed a General and Commander in Chief of British forces in maritime North America. I bumped into him again at the Citadel in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he was based. Under his command a number of significant buildings were erected including a handsome clock which is in the process of being renovated. Later, after the death of George IV’s daughter Princess Charlotte, Edward was forced to marry in the frantic race to provide Hanoverian heirs.  Edward was the only son to father an heir –  Victoria – but he died less than a year after her birth.

Out this month is book 3 in the time-travelling romantic crime series Time Into Time. A Love For the Moment reveals the truth about Luc’s henchman Garrick’s background and plunges Luc, Cassie and Garrick into murder and mystery. As Cassie says, maintaining a romance over two hundred years is tricky and things are not getting any easier – practically or emotionally – for the lovers.