February 2019 News

The Duke's Accidental Elopement by Louise Allen

The Duke’s Accidental Elopement is out – and went straight into the top three of Amazon’s new Regency romance list, so many thanks to everyone who pre-ordered it! The Duke's Accidental Elopement by Louise Allen

Coming next is Least Likely to Marry a Dukea decidedly imperfect lady meets the Perfect Duke and sparks fly. Available to pre-order now.

A Christmas novella, with no title yet, has just gone off to my editor. For once it was a pleasure to be writing a Christmas story at the right time of year. I can vividly recall writing one on the deck of a river boat travelling down the Brahmaputra which felt decidedly peculiar. With Christmas now behind me I have just begun a new Regency romance for Harlequin Mills & Boon. This one is inspired by the fashion for the medieval world that beguiled 19th century England. My heroine is going to find leaving her moated castle something of a shock.

And just for a change of pace I have transcribed a Regency housewife’s notebook of household hints and along the way unearthed her own story of widowhood in India and a second chance of love in London. The book was a challenge to decipher as you can see from the original. It is coming out as Mock Oyster Sauce and a Cure For Corns: A Regency Lady’s Receipt Book in April, but it is available to pre-order now.