May 2020 News

The Earl's Marriage Bargain Louise Allen

I’m delighted to say that The Earl’s Marriage Bargain, Book Two in my Liberated Ladies series is due out this month – 28th May in the UK and 19th in the States. You may recall it’s heroine, Jane Newnham from Least Likely to Marry a Duke – Jane’s an artist and, as the book opens, one in disgrace on her way to Bath. On the way she rescues a battered earl from a brawl which leaves Ivo Merton, a man with a guiltyThe Earl's Marriage Bargain Louise Allen secret and an inconvenient sense of honour, with problem – how to marry a lady who is strongly opposed to the idea. You can read more, including an extract, here.

Book Three – A Marquis in Need of a Wife (scholar Prue Scott’s story) is awaiting its publication date and I have just started Book Four which will be pianist Lucy Lambert’s tale.

To all my readers – stay safe!